We shall overcome….

By: Menon, Hema

Jan 12 2012

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Category: @work, Happiness Project, Life, Nature, Thanks

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The bunch of flowers above reminds me of teams. There may be different personalities, different types, and sometimes similar ones. Yet, together they bloom to become the beautiful flower that is.

A marathon of a work day/night, yesterday. Some commitments were to be honored and we finally made it. It was amazing to see the team work thru the last minute pressures. It was a non-stop day and night affair with fixes to the application and testing done, throughout the day and night. At the end, we completed our work after a long and tiring, over 24 hour non stop schedule.

I am really happy about the way the team collaborated and helped each other, yesterday. There were tense moments and also lighter ones. Many were visibly exhausted, yet were trying to keep up the spirits. Others were trying to lighten the mood and make it more relaxing.

It is amazing what a committed team can deliver. We may not always lucky in finding the right people for our teams. Yet getting the team that you have to work together for a common goal is the next best thing you could hope for. Happy that one deadline is over, and confident of making thru the tail end and coming out successfully.

Today’s happiness is for my team!! Thank you team!


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