Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun


Where is the Sun?

The dark clouds are trying to cover him up. But no, they cannot hide his glory.

Through the darkness of the clouds, he shows his ways. The rays of light seems to come out of the clouds. On the land far away (or water), he spreads out a golden carpet.

Who says you could kill his spirit? Lower his might? No, you cannot. For he is still the king!

Life is no different. Some people around can try to lower your spirits. They could ooze out your energy. They could make you feel unimportant. They can make you feel sad.

But remember, you decide what can make you feel sad, who and what can make you feel unimportant. You decide your destiny, your emotions, your choices.

Just like the sun, you have the strength within you. Don’t let the dark clouds take it away. Fight back, fight back to live the life you ought to live.

The dark clouds cannot stay longer, they will dissipate.


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