After all these years…

Pomegranate flower and flower buds…

Everything about this flower attracts me and make me happy(The picture does not do any justice to it, you need to really see it). A beautiful tinge of orange red, shape is not perfect, yet beautiful in its own way. The petals of the flower are rooted into a perfectly shaped shell, which seems to hold the petals close and tight. The flower is not perfect, yet it soothes my mind with its unique color and beauty. It does not have any fragrance, yet it brings out a brightness that lights up all your senses. This one does not seem to have any pretenses. It seems to stay ignorant of its beauty, its influence on others and just remain, selfless. Is this the perfect flower? No, but its perfect the way it is, for me!

Look at the two buds. Soon ready to open up and show the tender orange petals, the flower in its true color .. The buds too seem to have the perfect shaped shell, as if planning on being a replica of the flowers that bloom before them or even better. For me, the buds symbolizes the blessings from the flower itself. Tomorrow, they grow and turn into a perfect flower for others to enjoy.

The pomegranate flower in my life, entered my universe, this day, 19 years ago. Moving along thru the years, the two young buds became the blessings, to be proud of, in our lives. Taking strides along in life, we are now entering into 20th year of togetherness! I’ve spent almost half of my lifetime with this flower by my side, smiling for all the happy times, and erasing the frown or worry lines away at other times, just because you are by my side….

Happy Anniversary dear…..

P.S – Here are a few pomegranate pictures from my gallery. Swan Song & What’s left behind

(A pomegranate flower from the house I used to stay..)


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