Entering any world, with a lot of love. There is a sense of wonder, an anticipation in what the world has to offer. Ready to breathe in the smell of freedom. Heart full of love to share, mind open to welcome in the changes, ready to watch and learn the game of life….

Yet, what do you find?

Within the transparent layers that suffocates….
Within the self imposed (or not) protection, that kills the energy within…..

The inquisitive mind is sucked out of its sense of wonder.
The hungry, wide eyes are robbed of its innocence.
The heart full of joy and love, which you thought you had, is getting dried out….
You remain,
feeling like a loser…
Where have the hope and dreams disappeared to? ..
Dark clouds of self doubt slowly shows up…
What am I doing here? Why I am being wasted? Why don’t you (I) let me (yourself) grow?

No, don’t.. don’t fall for it.
Break out of the layers..
Breathe in the freshness…
Cry out loud..
Tear out the layers and let us walk to where we want to be..

Don’t be trapped in your inner fears. Don’t let the fears stop you from being where you want to be. Challenge the status quo.
Try, at least try, to make the change.
And don’t give up if you fail…

Free, no longer trapped….


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