Stop.. Look at her face, see your mother, your sister, your daughter….


About 20 months ago, a young 23 year old girl, returning back from work on a passenger train faced with ultimate brutality from the hands of a 30 year old beggar. In the women’s compartment of a moving train, the beggar tried to rape the young girl. When she resisted, she was pushed out of the train by the man. He too jumped out of the train and raped the girl and left her unconscious along the railway track. Even though she was taken to a hospital later, she found a better world, 3 days later. The girl’s name was Soumya (means soft spoken), just 23 years old and a young life ended in the most cruel way. All this happened in my home town, near Thrissur, in God’s Own Country. Everyone cried, sympathized, protested…. the rapist was awarded death sentence…then what?

Today, yet another 23 year old, left this world for possibly a better one. She too had to leave this world, in the most painful way. This girl, was brutally assaulted- gang raped in a bus, thrown out and hurt in the most cruel way. Senseless people did not see the face of their mother, or their sisters or their daughters in her. This time it was in India’s Capital city of New Delhi. Today too, everyone mourns, make their protests, share their tears, their frustrations, their anger…. then what?

We got to learn to be human. We need to let our girls be girls and boys be boys, be human – be brave, respectful, caring, and not be the brutal animals some tend to be at sometimes.Let us not have a repeat of this pain. Let us not have any other man or woman die like this.

Let there be no parents who torture their children, who create monsters who tortures others…

Be human, teach you children to be a brother, a sister, a lover or just a son or daughter… learn to respect, to care for each other…Stop, stop being worse than animals…

Let there not be any more tears… one last drop for the last victim, I hope….

“Through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can’t rise above
But her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place
Where she’s loved concrete angel”


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