Soar, This New Year!

End of a year, and the beginning of another. Wasn’t it just yesterday that a new year had started? How could time fly so fast? Leaves behind memories of good times and bad, of failure and success, of depression and of course an adrenaline rush which lets you soar. Most importantly though, there are moments of happiness….yes, just happiness.

The days ahead? Its the time for “Happy New Year” wishes, of “New Year Resolutions”, wishes on prosperous and healthy year and more. As we step forward to 2013, there is only one wish, I have for everyone – Happiness!

I wish you happiness. I believe happiness is relative. It is you, who can decide what brings you joy. Often happiness results from comparison, so does unhappiness too. So why is it, that our silly minds cannot use it to bring us happiness than unpleasant emotions? Who is setting the standards for comparison? Is it not you? Set the standards to make your mind feel the beautiful emotion of being content.

Wish you find joy of learning from mistakes, from each of your failures.
Wish you find joy of becoming stronger, from every adverse situation that you encounter.
Wish you find joy of gratitude upon counting the blessings in your life.
Wish you find joy of becoming healthy, as you fight from every disease that comes your way.
Wish you find joy of hope, from the unknowns and your anticipations.
Wish you find joy from the smile of a stranger, reciprocating to a simple gesture of a smile from your lips…..

Wish you find a reason to be happy, always.
For, happiness is relative to the standards that you set.

Life is a balancing act.
At times a solo journey.
Row up to the shore.
Let us not rock the boat.
Let’s soar!
Dream on, Fly away,
Touch the sky, and just smile!

Happiness, Happiness from everything in your way
Its the only wish for you… Soar 2013!

“Don’t be scared
To fly alone
Find a path that is your own
Love will open every door
See in your hands the world is yours
Don’t hold back and always know
All the answers they will unfold
What are you waiting for
Spread your wings and soar”…..


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