Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason

At times, when my mind is questioning the reasoning of things in life, I tend to look back at my life spent. At my blog, the messages that I put out years ago. (I wish I had continued that habit religiously, rather than stopping it in between).

This Saturday, I was quarantined from the rest of the world…. down with a contagious disease, which is bearable at this time.. My son, moved away to a family friend’s place since he has Board Exams coming up in 2 weeks.

I am perfectly fine, or so I tend to believe. Yet I keep wondering the what if’s of things that I cannot control. Crazy, right? I think so too..

So strangely enough I checked out my personal blog. Here is the entry from Saturday, January 19, 2008…..

Coincidence? Is someone trying to tell me something? You decide!

Anyway, my mind is at peace, focusing on all the good things that has happened till date and finding reasons to believe in good things out of the bad times…

Content, I am…. now let’s fight this Chicken out…. 🙂



Message for life – Bhagavat Gita
My father gave me a gift a few years back. Just a small wall hanging that has the greatest message of all…

The essence/message of Bhagavat Gita. It is in Malayalam, the word by word translation is as follows, but the message of the words is much more deep.

“Whatever has happened, is for the best
Whatever is happening is for the best
Whatever is going to happen, is also for the best
Why do you cry for what is lost?
Whatever is lost, is it something that you owned?
Is it something that you created?
Everything that you gained is from here.
Everything that you own is also gained from here
What you own today belonged to someone else yesterday
Tomorrow it may belong to somebody else
Change is the law of the earth”

Often times, It gives me a lot of peace of mind, reading this message and understanding the essence of Bhagavat Gita.

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