Window of Opportunity


When the four walls closes down on you, you look for an opportunity. A window of an opportunity, which opens out to the world, which brings in some light in an otherwise dark world. The erstwhile closed windows suddenly becomes your hope. The undressed windows does not seem nude anymore, instead thank god there are no layers of dressings, it now just opens straight to the outside world.

When was the last time, I’ve opened these windows? Oh, the cool fresh air that comes in, as you open them up in the early dawn. When have I stopped by to breath them in? The plants, trees and the green outside, they seem to be full of energy as they stand tall and at times moving sideways slowly as the cool breeze grazes them.. A couple of hours later, the king arrives, letting a yellow glow in through the windows… and life is fine and shining…

You need the doors to be shut down on you, to appreciate the little window, the people around you, who turn in to become your window of opportunity. The family, the ones whom you cannot choose, indeed, I’ve been blessed to have the best people in my life. The friends who braved in with food, the offers from far away friends to take us around anytime needed, the “take care” and “get well” wishes… how I could thank you all enough? The family who took in my son, without reservations, the friends who had to do double duty since I was not around to keep my promise, I say thank you all…

You all are my window of opportunities, to get back to you much more than what you have given me, in my time of need…
Thank You all….

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Love”. What more could love mean, than friends and family helping out when you are in need? Here’s my representation of love – a window of opportunity.


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