Teamwork – A balancing act?


What comes to your mind when you see this image?

Of Teamwork, all three set of legs need to travel in the same direction or your treasure is lost. A single person cannot get the mountain to move, it is a collective effort.

Of a Balancing act, one part alone cannot have it all, for it will crumble. Needs a balance, or even an integration of work, life and everything that comes in between.

Of Interdependence, its not just independence that gets you to the goal, acknowledge the need for interdependence. You, you and I working towards a common goal.

Of my Mind, if all the senses and the surroundings are alive, the journey is one to look for. If any is impaired, the journey of each day is a tough act to keep up.

Of the many Projects at work that I come across, where we need not just our team, but the support functions, and even the end customer, all to lift that stone that possibly would like to remain at the start or midway, rather than the ending point.

Of gratitude, to the others who have joined the journey, for helping you get there. A feeling I hope is mutual among all the ones who are part of the journey.

A Reminder of getting the food that needs to keep you going..:) and much much more….

The essence is about collaboration – between people, about integration – of work and life, or even about a balancing act of the many choices….

This picture was taken by my joy, my daughter. I am amazed by her observation, of the little things that we don’t notice. If she does take a lesson or two from that observation, I have nothing to worry…:)

Just a thought – At the end of their journey, do they stop to shake hands with each other and say thank you? I hope they do!

Thanks to my little girl for giving me something to ponder on…


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