What lies beneath…

A field full of flowers..

Among the green, these light violet colored flowers present an awesome view..

These are not the blue bonnets from Texas, but are swamp flowers… Blue pickerel weed, perhaps.

When you see a beautiful view like this, we don’t try to see what lies beneath..

Like in life, the one who smiles the most is probably the one who is hiding the pain inside.

Or it could be that these flowers have beaten all the odds.

Do you need to be limited by the boundaries?

Does your growth be hindered by the environment where you grow?

No, and possibly a maybe..

Let the environment and the boundaries not limit you. Find a way to break the boundaries that limit.

Forget the pain, blow away the fear.

It is okay to fail, if you just don’t stop with that failure.

Turn it around, let yourselves shine….

This picture was taken from a moving car, while driving along the Kuttanad area.


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