A small boat, away from the waters and resting aside the road. Why? Shouldn’t it be riding high on these waves?

The waves are not ebbing away. The beach front is being swallowed by the waters and it is inviting the reluctant boat to jump in. Yet, the boat remains, hesitant, away from the water, in a safe place.

This is no different from how we are, at times. We choose the safe path, and not the one that is yet to be taken. Are we afraid of failure?

People often run away from opportunities. At times, do not even explore things that could possibly bring the best in them. Either because of fear of failure or being just plain lazy!

I wish the boat would just move. Try out the waters, and then just float.

Take that first step, you may fall. So what? Get up and take another step.

Move on. Move on and conquer the fear.

Imagine the possibilities on what you could achieve – if you weren’t afraid or not lazy.

You need challenges in your life. They make you smarter, and stronger. So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready? Take it on and Move!

Picture of Sanghumukham Beach, Trivandrum, taken recently while driving along the road on my way to the airport.


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