In Memoriam

She was the smartest girl I knew while in school
And I wasn’t even in her school.

She was the cutest face that I’ve seen in school
And she wasn’t even in my school.

Yet, I still remember seeing the picture of a cute, smart, short girl, with hair plaited on both sides in a high school year book. A year book filled with pictures of her, winning awards and more. That picture which I had seen probably 20+ years ago, is still in my memory, clearer than ever.

And when I finally got to know her,
She was the sweetest person, I ever knew.

Today I mourn the loss of a sweet smart girl. A mother, a wife, a sister and most importantly a great friend for all her friends.

When I lost my father, she called and cried.
When she lost her dad, I was at loss of words to console.

Out of the blue, she would call her friend, my husband. She talk for long and then it is her turn to talk to me, again for a long long time.

Even last week she called. She made a promise to call back later, when he would be near me, and she could talk to both of us.

Well, that is a promise that will never be kept. I won’t hear her soothing words. She will never call again….

Hard to believe, cannot accept. However, the truth is hard to deny.

My prayers are with her friends and the loving family that she left behind.

“I love to read what you have to say, you are so creative, so touching “… her words were endless when it came to talking about this silly blog of mine.

If I don’t write for her today, whom should I ever write about??

Gloria, you will be missed…


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