I won’t give up

imageI was pulling my car out on to the road. Too many thoughts in my mind, making it hard to concentrate. Yet, through the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but see her, a large lovely orange flower. She seems to scream out loud, “Hey lady, look at me, see how lovely I am, do you see me?”.

Well, I had no choice, but to stop the car and get out. I walked up to the flower. So beautiful and lively! She had drops of water on her, like a mother’s tears, that you often seen on the indoor plants. She seems to own the world!

A few weeks back, the plant was so dry, not carrying any flowers. And now today, the plant seems to have fought it thru and seems to be showing of its prized possession. Somehow, spending a few minutes, enjoying the beauty of this flower, seems to have lightened the heaviness in my mind…

It’s been three years since the last update in this blog, says WordPress. Somehow, it’s time to update it again. To the thoughts that cross your mind, when you see something, feel something, as some pictures, some simple things in life, brings in happiness or sadness, or just any emotion that you would want to recreate…. So here I go again, after 3 years of silence…

The music for this one is of course from Jason Mraz… Enjoy!




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