This is not a cool photo blog. This is a blog about life in God’s Own Country, as I see it or so I thought. Started out with words, but soon I realized that I didn’t have enough vocabulary to describe life in God’s Own Country. Instead of words, I try to click thru the pictures that caught my attention, somehow. Most of the views that I see, tells me a story or will bring a thought or two to my mind. So I try to capture them to share with others.

I don’t know anything about photography. I am just lucky to have a cool camera, which, I don’t know how to use…:) Don’t expect magical pictures here.. If you find one, it so happens that I got lucky that day.. 🙂 There, I have set the expectations right.. Now go on, enjoy… And don’t forget to add a comment or two… Any All area(s) of improvement is(are) very much appreciated…

Update: I’ve given up hope on mastering the art of taking photographs with my cool camera. Now on with a simple digital camera without fancy options… The photographs are not digitally altered. (Even though altered photos look like masterpieces, I feel like the originality is lost, when modified by Photoshop or other tools..). So, no modifications. The maximum, I would try is to use “I am feeling lucky” on Picasa..

I realized that there is always a song for any feeling that you may have. I love music. Love listening to my kind of music. I started adding links to music videos to each posts. Click on it, and enjoy the songs. I hope you like my choice of songs too…

About Me:

Menon, Hema

Acting out the circle of life… Roles Played: Daughter, Sister, Friend, Student ,Colleague, Wife and Mother.. An eternal learner throughout the life!

All pictures taken by the amateur photographer in me… 🙂


13 thoughts on “About

  1. bikram

    Hello Hema – You have beautiful photo blog.. Glad to see you experience bliss in God’s own country.. Best Wishes – Bikram

    • HM

      Thank you! Hope you have a great Super Bowl.. I too didn’t get the game but used to watch it, just for the Super Bowl Ads.. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hema, thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoying it! We alter photos on the computer, but just to get them to look as much like the original painting as possible.
    How did you get to India from Texas? Ruth

  3. Aswathy

    Dear Hema, so glad I chanced upon this blog of your’s! Love the writing and the fotos; such warmth that comes straight from the heart. Will come around again. 🙂

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