God Gave Me You

Today, November 17….

A wish for a long, happy and healthy life for a man, born on this date.

God gave me you….
“God gave me you to show me what’s real
There’s more to life than just how I feel…..”

Gave me you, for the smiles, the tears and everything in between.

And for the red rose you never got….. I find one in our garden, just in time, just for you….

Many many happy returns of the day dear!


After all these years…

Pomegranate flower and flower buds…

Everything about this flower attracts me and make me happy(The picture does not do any justice to it, you need to really see it). A beautiful tinge of orange red, shape is not perfect, yet beautiful in its own way. The petals of the flower are rooted into a perfectly shaped shell, which seems to hold the petals close and tight. The flower is not perfect, yet it soothes my mind with its unique color and beauty. It does not have any fragrance, yet it brings out a brightness that lights up all your senses. This one does not seem to have any pretenses. It seems to stay ignorant of its beauty, its influence on others and just remain, selfless. Is this the perfect flower? No, but its perfect the way it is, for me!

Look at the two buds. Soon ready to open up and show the tender orange petals, the flower in its true color .. The buds too seem to have the perfect shaped shell, as if planning on being a replica of the flowers that bloom before them or even better. For me, the buds symbolizes the blessings from the flower itself. Tomorrow, they grow and turn into a perfect flower for others to enjoy.

The pomegranate flower in my life, entered my universe, this day, 19 years ago. Moving along thru the years, the two young buds became the blessings, to be proud of, in our lives. Taking strides along in life, we are now entering into 20th year of togetherness! I’ve spent almost half of my lifetime with this flower by my side, smiling for all the happy times, and erasing the frown or worry lines away at other times, just because you are by my side….

Happy Anniversary dear…..

P.S – Here are a few pomegranate pictures from my gallery. Swan Song & What’s left behind

(A pomegranate flower from the house I used to stay..)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Together

A lazy Saturday evening at the beach. A great place to be to observe people. The sun, sand, wind and water, the ambiance sets the tone to your mood. Of being together….

Golden rays of the sun, what a lovely yellow carpet does it create on the wavy water! As you sit on the salty sand staring into the horizon, you can feel the warm wind caress your cheeks. The wavy water goes up so high, as if to grab your attention. Oh don’t you wish you could surf through the lovely white waves? Go far far away into the sea of calmness?

Let us hold our hands, run to the water and tempt it to catch us if it can! Let us write our names on the sand for the water to wash them away. Or let us just sit together and stare..

Let us just be together…..

Just Like That…

Another shot of the sun from our office building…

Took it with my phone, couple of days back.

A day of doing nothing in particular. Its a weekend, after all. Forgot about all the work emails that came in my inbox, in fact, didn’t even have the laptop open for long.

Guess what, I kinda like it…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebrations

Its the season for celebrations. Christmas trees, decorations, lights…. Gifts under the tree, in US. Christmas Cakes and Stars in God’s Own Country…

Growing up, we used to hang a single star in front of our house during Christmas season. Just a regular paper star, in one of the usual colors – white, green, yellow, red or blue.

These days, the choices are numerous. Christmas stars does not look like stars any more. They come in all shapes and forms. The choices of the color and design galore …

The view of the Christmas stars hanging in a shop… taken while I was passing by ..

Merry Christmas!

Have a great time and hope your life is just as colorful as the stars in the picture….

(Picture of Christmas stars up for sale at a wayside store)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Celebrations

Life is short, they say. So why not make each day a celebration?
Yeah, we all try.
Only to forget, to celebrate each day of our life.
Celebrations then become occasions that comes out once in a while.
Here’s one such occasion of celebration….
Celebrating the festival of lights…

This was indeed a celebration for the child in the picture. After long years in the lone star state, this was a celebration at God’s Own Country. Possibly his first ever. I wish you could see the smile on his face, his excitement in getting to light up sparkles and stuff at roof top..

The happiness, the smile on his face, that indeed makes my life a celebration each day…
Counting on the blessings in my life to celebrate each day…
I hope you do too…

(Picture of fireworks at the roof top during Deepavali)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

My Life
My Love
My Joy
My Pride
My Strength…..

Somehow when I see this picture, I have a strange feeling. This feels like a scene in the life of my family after I am gone….

Feels like my family being there, together, stronger and mourning or celebrating my life…

Hmmmm… Creepy feeling..

It was one of those relaxing days at the beach for our family. I wanted a picture of my family, for a post to celebrate their lives. I took this one but settled for another for the post.

(Enjoying the sunset on a sunday evening at the beach)