Not Alone

An almost empty beach, past the sunset. The beauty that the nature has to offer has disappeared, yet a few spectators remain.

Are you alone now? You were not, a few hours ago, when the sun was turning into a big red ball. A crowd was there along with you, as they enjoyed the view. The sight of the king, going down, in red. Of the king who was shining so bright hours ago, hiding in the comfort of your bosom, and saying goodbye until next time.

Is it the downfall of someone, that attracts the crowd? Does human mind enjoy the fall than the rise? If it’s so why do they say, you have a lot of friends in joy and none during sorrow? Are they all enjoying your sadness, away from you?

Well, accept it as the circle of life. The king will be back again for his show tomorrow. The crowd will be back again for the end of the show tomorrow. And you, you will feel empty at times and full at other times.

Either way, you are never alone. The wind will remain. A new companion, the moon will soon arise, shining over you, smiling at you. They need you, just as the crowd needed you when the sun was around.

(An evening at the beach at Kovalam, Trivandrum )


The Charmer

Look, who I fell in love with tonight…:)

How can you resist his charm?

Was driving alone, back from work

There he was, right in front.

Hiding at times, making you wonder

Where did he go?

Oh, there he is…

And as you take your eyes off for a moment,

Make another turn on the road,

Oh no, so does he.


Pulled over,

Took my silly camera and took a shot…

Look, how handsome he is.

I can’t wait to see the pictures you all took

With your fancy cameras….

Don’t make me forget the king though,

He will make his appearance tomorrow morning…

Let’s cheat for tonight

Enjoy this handsome one

just for tonight,

Yeah, just for tonight…..