Random .. Fruit, it is..

Jack fruit!

Saw this yesterday in a house by the roadside. I was happy to see this collection. I wish it grew at my home. 🙂

Reminds me of one more thing that makes living in god’s own country special. For the many years spent in US, don’t think we ever got to eat a fresh jack fruit. Yeah, we get the canned ones, but who cares?

In other stories, a sort of productive day, today.

Happy to live in God’s Own Country.

Happy at the thought of eating anything and everything that can be made with a jack fruit.

Anyone craving for it?


Happiness thru food…

A simple dinner is the source of my happiness today.

No complaints at dinner time. Only empty plates and smiles…

My daughter who hates rice, is an extremely content person tonight, since mommy took some time to make her rotis and paneer curry, which of course means no need to eat rice for dinner.

She is a happy person tonite, her brother who enjoys good food, is happy too. Parents of course, are extremely happy since there was no need to do the yelling and calling at dinner time.

Being a caring mom who listened to her daughter (“I told you already, but you never listen”, is the often said (true)statement by my daughter) brings out a sense of pride and a smile on my face. My simple act made others happy too…

what made you happy today?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebrations

What’s a celebration without some sweetness?

Celebrating with some candy ….

It’s always nice to share. Even nicer, when sharing some sweets.

So here’s to all the celebrations…

Let the joy continue… 🙂

Sharing a commercial instead of the usual songs…

I love this ad…

Lady : “When was the last time you said “I love you” to me?
“What?”, questions the surprised man.
Lady: “When did you tell “I love you” to me?”

The guy thinks for a moment, gives her a Cadburys “Dairy Milk” candy and says, “Now”.

Lady: “What do you mean, Now?”
“Yeah, I just told you “I love you”, replies the man.
Lady: “But then this is something that you give me daily……”

Saying “I love you” with a Dairy Milk each day… 🙂

Circle of Spice

He was on his first visit to India. As someone who is not used to the Indian Cuisine, he was a bit cautious with his intake of Indian Food. The spice level was always high for him.

One day, during lunch he was talking about his food back home in US. ” I don’t use much spices.”, he said. Adding as an after thought, “What spices do you have in your kitchen”?.

“Oh, my kitchen? I have a lot of stuff”, I said.

I never had a chance to show him my kitchen, nor the spices. So here it is, just a view of some of the spices in my kitchen. I like the steel utensil that I use to keep it. Quite handy, I should say.

There is even more spices in my kitchen. But, that’s for another day.

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What’s in a Shape?

Puttu-Kadala in a different form…… Some say, this one is more tastier than the tubular version…

As seen @ my dining table today…