What lies beneath…

A field full of flowers..

Among the green, these light violet colored flowers present an awesome view..

These are not the blue bonnets from Texas, but are swamp flowers… Blue pickerel weed, perhaps.

When you see a beautiful view like this, we don’t try to see what lies beneath..

Like in life, the one who smiles the most is probably the one who is hiding the pain inside.

Or it could be that these flowers have beaten all the odds.

Do you need to be limited by the boundaries?

Does your growth be hindered by the environment where you grow?

No, and possibly a maybe..

Let the environment and the boundaries not limit you. Find a way to break the boundaries that limit.

Forget the pain, blow away the fear.

It is okay to fail, if you just don’t stop with that failure.

Turn it around, let yourselves shine….

This picture was taken from a moving car, while driving along the Kuttanad area.


Teamwork – A balancing act?


What comes to your mind when you see this image?

Of Teamwork, all three set of legs need to travel in the same direction or your treasure is lost. A single person cannot get the mountain to move, it is a collective effort.

Of a Balancing act, one part alone cannot have it all, for it will crumble. Needs a balance, or even an integration of work, life and everything that comes in between.

Of Interdependence, its not just independence that gets you to the goal, acknowledge the need for interdependence. You, you and I working towards a common goal.

Of my Mind, if all the senses and the surroundings are alive, the journey is one to look for. If any is impaired, the journey of each day is a tough act to keep up.

Of the many Projects at work that I come across, where we need not just our team, but the support functions, and even the end customer, all to lift that stone that possibly would like to remain at the start or midway, rather than the ending point.

Of gratitude, to the others who have joined the journey, for helping you get there. A feeling I hope is mutual among all the ones who are part of the journey.

A Reminder of getting the food that needs to keep you going..:) and much much more….

The essence is about collaboration – between people, about integration – of work and life, or even about a balancing act of the many choices….

This picture was taken by my joy, my daughter. I am amazed by her observation, of the little things that we don’t notice. If she does take a lesson or two from that observation, I have nothing to worry…:)

Just a thought – At the end of their journey, do they stop to shake hands with each other and say thank you? I hope they do!

Thanks to my little girl for giving me something to ponder on…

In my daughter’s eyes….

An old photograph. The date reads July 1st 2007. Vacation time at Kerala. For me, it was the time for capturing the faces, that are likely to be seen in another 2 year…. Little did I know at the time that life does not go as per you plan.
Nor did I ever think that some of the faces may not wait another two years for me to be back…

Today, I am staring at one such face. I wish I had taken a close look at this photograph back in 2007. If I had, I would have seen the tired look on my mom’s face. I would have noticed the half circles around her eyes. The graying hair, the sinking cheeks…. but most importantly I would have noticed the happiness in my mother’s eyes, which was primarily due to proximity of her kid and grand kids…I missed it, missed all the signs….

Today, I wish she were around to see my kids grow. With a smile, she would have said, “Your kids are independent because they don’t have any other choice! With a mom like you, they don’t have a choice but to get things on their own:)”… She would have then gone to get my daughter’s favorite chips or my son’s favorite candy and would have taken good care of them. She would have taught my kids chemistry and physics thru lessons from every day life and I am sure my son would have loved to talk to her about science. She would have been so happy to have long conversations with me about every single person on earth that we know of. She would have shared some powerful messages for me to live my life without fear.

And today, I wish she were around..
I wish I could take care of her
Just the way she took care of us when needed.

She is a lucky woman. She left this world without ever giving anyone a chance to take care of her. “I don’t want to be a burden for anyone”, she used to say. And just like her wish, she was granted the wish of living a life just the way she wanted…Today, marks the 5th anniversary of her leaving us. 5 years, gone in a flash…

I wish I could be that lucky. I wish my kids would look at the faces as if there is no tomorrow. I wish every child in this world, do the same.

For mothers, they are the ones who molds you into whoever you turn out to be. They always bring love and happiness into your lives. They are the ones who lends the listening ears, when you need to be heard. They are the ones who raise you up, when you fall…

I wish I could be a good mother. I wish my kids would remember me with the same fond memories as I do of my mom… I wish, no I see, my mom smiling at me from up above ….. And she remains in my mind, in my memories and some photographs….


Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason

At times, when my mind is questioning the reasoning of things in life, I tend to look back at my life spent. At my blog, the messages that I put out years ago. (I wish I had continued that habit religiously, rather than stopping it in between).

This Saturday, I was quarantined from the rest of the world…. down with a contagious disease, which is bearable at this time.. My son, moved away to a family friend’s place since he has Board Exams coming up in 2 weeks.

I am perfectly fine, or so I tend to believe. Yet I keep wondering the what if’s of things that I cannot control. Crazy, right? I think so too..

So strangely enough I checked out my personal blog. Here is the entry from Saturday, January 19, 2008…..

Coincidence? Is someone trying to tell me something? You decide!

Anyway, my mind is at peace, focusing on all the good things that has happened till date and finding reasons to believe in good things out of the bad times…

Content, I am…. now let’s fight this Chicken out…. 🙂



Message for life – Bhagavat Gita
My father gave me a gift a few years back. Just a small wall hanging that has the greatest message of all…

The essence/message of Bhagavat Gita. It is in Malayalam, the word by word translation is as follows, but the message of the words is much more deep.

“Whatever has happened, is for the best
Whatever is happening is for the best
Whatever is going to happen, is also for the best
Why do you cry for what is lost?
Whatever is lost, is it something that you owned?
Is it something that you created?
Everything that you gained is from here.
Everything that you own is also gained from here
What you own today belonged to someone else yesterday
Tomorrow it may belong to somebody else
Change is the law of the earth”

Often times, It gives me a lot of peace of mind, reading this message and understanding the essence of Bhagavat Gita.

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Stop.. Look at her face, see your mother, your sister, your daughter….


About 20 months ago, a young 23 year old girl, returning back from work on a passenger train faced with ultimate brutality from the hands of a 30 year old beggar. In the women’s compartment of a moving train, the beggar tried to rape the young girl. When she resisted, she was pushed out of the train by the man. He too jumped out of the train and raped the girl and left her unconscious along the railway track. Even though she was taken to a hospital later, she found a better world, 3 days later. The girl’s name was Soumya (means soft spoken), just 23 years old and a young life ended in the most cruel way. All this happened in my home town, near Thrissur, in God’s Own Country. Everyone cried, sympathized, protested…. the rapist was awarded death sentence…then what?

Today, yet another 23 year old, left this world for possibly a better one. She too had to leave this world, in the most painful way. This girl, was brutally assaulted- gang raped in a bus, thrown out and hurt in the most cruel way. Senseless people did not see the face of their mother, or their sisters or their daughters in her. This time it was in India’s Capital city of New Delhi. Today too, everyone mourns, make their protests, share their tears, their frustrations, their anger…. then what?

We got to learn to be human. We need to let our girls be girls and boys be boys, be human – be brave, respectful, caring, and not be the brutal animals some tend to be at sometimes.Let us not have a repeat of this pain. Let us not have any other man or woman die like this.

Let there be no parents who torture their children, who create monsters who tortures others…

Be human, teach you children to be a brother, a sister, a lover or just a son or daughter… learn to respect, to care for each other…Stop, stop being worse than animals…

Let there not be any more tears… one last drop for the last victim, I hope….

“Through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can’t rise above
But her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place
Where she’s loved concrete angel”


Entering any world, with a lot of love. There is a sense of wonder, an anticipation in what the world has to offer. Ready to breathe in the smell of freedom. Heart full of love to share, mind open to welcome in the changes, ready to watch and learn the game of life….

Yet, what do you find?

Within the transparent layers that suffocates….
Within the self imposed (or not) protection, that kills the energy within…..

The inquisitive mind is sucked out of its sense of wonder.
The hungry, wide eyes are robbed of its innocence.
The heart full of joy and love, which you thought you had, is getting dried out….
You remain,
feeling like a loser…
Where have the hope and dreams disappeared to? ..
Dark clouds of self doubt slowly shows up…
What am I doing here? Why I am being wasted? Why don’t you (I) let me (yourself) grow?

No, don’t.. don’t fall for it.
Break out of the layers..
Breathe in the freshness…
Cry out loud..
Tear out the layers and let us walk to where we want to be..

Don’t be trapped in your inner fears. Don’t let the fears stop you from being where you want to be. Challenge the status quo.
Try, at least try, to make the change.
And don’t give up if you fail…

Free, no longer trapped….


February 17, 2012

Four years! 4 years since my mother passed away. Almost four years of being back at God’s Own Country. As I look back, my mind still questions my actions..

Why? why did I let my mother fly away? Why didn’t I come back home earlier?

How wonderful it would have been for my mom, to see my kids grow, spend time with them, pamper them (just as she used to do).

Why did I steal the joy away from her? Why didn’t I come back earlier?? Why? why? why??

Why do I question, when I already know the answer?

Don’t I remember the words of advice that she used to share, whenever I worry about things that I cannot control?

“Everything happens for a reason, why worry about things that you cannot control?” she used to say.

And this one was no different. It all happened the way it did, for that’s how it was meant to be….it all happened for a reason….

Reading my diary, from a Sunday in February of 2008, written just about 2 weeks prior to my mother’s death, at a time when I was worried about my mother’s health and was near her, I am reminded of her message… sharing the note….


Sunday, February 3, 2008
That’s who she is…

Last week, I was worried, crying out my fears over the telephone line.

“It is the biggest purchase of my life. I don’t know what to do, don’t know if it is the right one”. I cried out to the person at the other end.

“Did you talk about it? Do you have any other choice?”, she asked.

“Yes, but nothing is going to change it now. The decision has been made.”, I replied.

“Ok, then why do you worry? Remember, whatever happens, happens for a reason. Whatever is going to happen, happens for the good”, she was trying to calm me down.

I know, I know, remembering the words on the wall hanging. I can understand what she was trying to do. If things are not in your control and if you cannot do anything about it, why worry?

That’s what she always does. Bringing my spirits up when they are low, giving me strength when I need them. What would I do without her?

I am in this world,
Because of her
I learn to speak,
Because of her
My first word,
Spoken to address her
My first hero,
She is the one, for sure.

What do you want to be?
I was asked, as a child
A teacher,
I would reply,
Just because she was one.

I learned to be brave,
When cowardice was not a choice
I learned to be independent,
Just like she is
I learned to care,
Since she cared for others
I learned to ignore,
For things that didn’t matter
I was human,
For that’s what taught me to be
I learned to be a mother
that’s who she is,
A mother, my mother!
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Remembering the happiness shared with my mom, feeling the presence, and still wishing she were here…..