Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects



Was lost between the two choices… A lovely white flower or the cute cow with a symbol of love on his forehead? Which one is more beautiful?

I loved the cow! Never seen such a beautiful spot on anyone’s forehead. Does the cow know about this beauty spot on its face? The close up of the flower spotted black bugs on the beautiful flower.

Sometimes you don’t see the beauty on your face, sometimes you don’t know of the dark spots that shows. Its up to the one who sees, to choose what matters… and possibly let you know… Good partners does it, good friends does it… anyone who cares does it..

Hope you find someone in your life to tell you as it is…..



Random .. Fruit, it is..

Jack fruit!

Saw this yesterday in a house by the roadside. I was happy to see this collection. I wish it grew at my home. 🙂

Reminds me of one more thing that makes living in god’s own country special. For the many years spent in US, don’t think we ever got to eat a fresh jack fruit. Yeah, we get the canned ones, but who cares?

In other stories, a sort of productive day, today.

Happy to live in God’s Own Country.

Happy at the thought of eating anything and everything that can be made with a jack fruit.

Anyone craving for it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebrations

Its the season for celebrations. Christmas trees, decorations, lights…. Gifts under the tree, in US. Christmas Cakes and Stars in God’s Own Country…

Growing up, we used to hang a single star in front of our house during Christmas season. Just a regular paper star, in one of the usual colors – white, green, yellow, red or blue.

These days, the choices are numerous. Christmas stars does not look like stars any more. They come in all shapes and forms. The choices of the color and design galore …

The view of the Christmas stars hanging in a shop… taken while I was passing by ..

Merry Christmas!

Have a great time and hope your life is just as colorful as the stars in the picture….

(Picture of Christmas stars up for sale at a wayside store)

Your moment is waiting….

As I walked along the road, I found them waiting… I guess they were either waiting for the bus or for someone to pick them up for work. I am not sure. Either way, the puddle by their seats showed a great picture of them, which I had to capture… They have their lunch box by their legs, which of course, the puddle could not capture. This is a scene from any bus stop or a junction at GOC…

P.S – The title courtesy to Kerala Tourism, which had come up with a new promotional video on Kerala, shown below.

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Changing Messages…

Two weeks back, these walls had the signs of a past election. “Vote for Shashi Tharoor”, it said. But now, the walls have changed their message. Signs of an approaching election.. “Vote for S Jayakumari”, it says now. Interestingly the candidates are from two different parties. Past, from Congress party and Present, from BJP. 🙂

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Spare the trees, please….

Elections are round the corner in Kerala. The compound walls are painted and posters are placed. You can see that all around. Well, this poor tree also seem to have become a poster board. Why can’t we spare the tree?

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Creative People

Where have all the roads gone? Come rainy season, the roads in GOC will turn into ponds, lakes or whatever. It has become practically impossible to drive these roads.

Imagine the situation of someone who is walking along these roads. You are guaranteed to be splashed with red dirty water, every time a vehicle passes by.

The public has had enough of this… so they act.

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