I like it like that…

Another day at the Gym. No one else, but me. Books were my only company at the gym. Of course, you don’t expect many people at the gym during the lunch time.

Music can be a great companion when exercising. Today I had a book with me. Its not easy to read while exercising, yet tried multitasking. Not so bad, worked for a while.

I am happy about being at the gym and even getting back into the habit of reading a book. Good to have a book, with paper and pages, not just something online..

I like it like that!


We shall overcome….

The bunch of flowers above reminds me of teams. There may be different personalities, different types, and sometimes similar ones. Yet, together they bloom to become the beautiful flower that is.

A marathon of a work day/night, yesterday. Some commitments were to be honored and we finally made it. It was amazing to see the team work thru the last minute pressures. It was a non-stop day and night affair with fixes to the application and testing done, throughout the day and night. At the end, we completed our work after a long and tiring, over 24 hour non stop schedule.

I am really happy about the way the team collaborated and helped each other, yesterday. There were tense moments and also lighter ones. Many were visibly exhausted, yet were trying to keep up the spirits. Others were trying to lighten the mood and make it more relaxing.

It is amazing what a committed team can deliver. We may not always lucky in finding the right people for our teams. Yet getting the team that you have to work together for a common goal is the next best thing you could hope for. Happy that one deadline is over, and confident of making thru the tail end and coming out successfully.

Today’s happiness is for my team!! Thank you team!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

Wayside views…Just another tree along the road…

The golden yellow flowers usually are found in abundance in God’s Own Country during the month of March-April. It symbolizes the arrival of Vishu, a regional festival. Check out the full bloom of these flowers in this picture (https://menonh.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/festive-colors). How lovely they look!

For me somehow, this symbolizes new hope, of a better tomorrow. A hope of good things to come in the next days, even during the dry spell, as in the picture. The yellow flowers seems to lighten up an otherwise dry tree.

So, I find hope of a better tomorrow. Of course, hope leads to happiness.

Hope for the best and be happy!

Mind Games

Mind is like the tree in this picture. One side is dark, questioning everything, easily disappointed, and possibly causing unhappiness. The other side is more logical, trying to find reason, looking out for opportunities and gives hope and happiness.

My mind is no different. One part is constantly trying to bring me down. But I live for the other half. The one that gets me to spend a few minutes each day to think thru the happenings, try to make sense of out it, and give the signal to be just plain happy!

Still a bumpy road. Yet, happy for the bright yellow side of my mind….. and the happiness/calm it provides.

Try winning over the dark side. Let it bring happiness that you cannot resist…

Discover the blue skies…..

Weekend, a day to relax and enjoy. Not so, today. Extending work over to weekend…

Not in high spirits today. Yet, one thought that kept coming back to my mind was, what am I happy about today?

When you don’t feel much to be happy about, think of your favorite things…. right?

Oh well, I was thinking about yesterday. The picture above was taken with my phone yesterday, as I was walking along the break room in our office. The picture from the 4th floor of the building. What caught my attention is the line of white clouds that were just behind the dark black line of mountains. It is not as much visible in the picture, but from far away, the line of hills/mountains formed a black line and touching it were the white fluffy clouds. The greenery below was a beauty by itself.

We all say, true friends are the ones who stand by you during the tough times. Just like the white clouds, standing by the black mountains. What I realize today is that true friends/well wishers are the ones who enjoy your growth, who feel proud of your achievements, who share the joy in your happiness. They are not the ones who feel jealous or insecure in your growth. A true well wisher acknowledges, supports and celebrates your victory/opportunity for growth.

Yesterday, I discovered my true well wishers. Surprisingly, many were strangers. I also discovered the ones, who in spite of possibly being friends, surprised me by not being there.

Today I celebrate the blue sky, who in my mind, seems to be sharing the joy, supporting the growth, of the white clouds. I celebrate the ones, who were there for me at the time of my joy.

Lucky me to find the blue skies in my life. Today’s happiness, is out of a lesson learned in life, of an understanding of who matters, and on the discovery of the blue skies…..

Hmmm… I feel great, already!

The message is, my dears, when you are feeling down, think of things that could bring happiness in your mind… Guaranteed to turn you back in great spirits and possibly help you learn a thing or two about life.

Works for me. Won’t you try it too, next time?

(view from my office, taken with my phone camera))

Something out of nothing

Yet another hectic day. Away from home, but just for the day. Back home at night, after a long long day. Storm clouds still linger in my mind. But I am not let them bring me down.

An uneventful day, without nothing much to be happy about.

Happiness though for today, is from the fact that there is nothing to be sad about.

Happiness today is because, there’s hope for tomorrow.

Happiness today is for being able to float along

For being able to take it easy, without breaking one down.

Just trying to be happy, makes up today’s happiness. Won’t you try it out too? Are you happy? 🙂

Art of a different form

As a flower carpet.. Often seen sight at Technopark, Trivandrum, during customer visits…  This was at Nila Building, so we don’t get the aerial view, which would be a much better view. The creations of these artists, never repeats.. Its an awesome treat, everytime…

@Nila, Technopark, Trivandrum